Team Bulding

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes /Formula cooking competition


The proposal of the cooking class in a context of team building, as highly recommended in terms of experiential aggregation between multiple subjects, for both, women and men even without a basic experience in the kitchen. The kitchen activity is formulated as follows:

  • Reception Hostesses;
  • Preparation and management of the groups (each working group will have to prepare a typical "Indigenous dish from the menu proposed (" by our Chefs);
  • Free gifts Aprons and customized chefs hats for all participants;
  • Staff: chefs, cooking assistants (also English speaking staff);
  • At the end of the chosen cooking lesson, the tasting of the recipes realized during lunch or dinner (included in the activity with drinks) and the proclamation of the winning team, based on the preparation of the dish (practice part) and on the knowledge of the used ingredients (theoretical part);
  • Personalized parchment with certification and photographs;
  • Jury composed by our Chefs;
  • Tribute to the winners of the competition.

Wine Show

Wine Tasting of some prestigious local wines from Tuscany and in particular from the area of Lucca, guided by our Sommeliers.

Wine can be considered a cultural element and is an art that does not love the solitude; in fact, the pleasure you can feel tasting it alone is not the same as when shared! The tasting must strive as much as possible to objectiveness and must allow understanding and evaluation of the technical quality of the wine: if it is marketable, if it reflects the characteristics of the grape composition, if it has defects or diseases, or if it shows great finesse and longevity. Three main testing stages will be treated:

  • Visual examination
  • Olfactory examination
  • Taste examination

The activity includes:

  • indigenous snacks
  • personalized” taste de vin”
  • participant certification

Recommended as an aperitif, as provided for the tasting of the various wines proposed!

Cocktail Show

After having learned from our expert barmen the basic rules for the best mixing, the challenge for the best cocktails!

After receiving the basic guidelines for the composition of a good cocktail, the participants will try to work on the aesthetic and gustatory composition creating the excellent cocktails and outlining the features to be presented to the jury and to the other teams!

The various teams will have to introduce their creations, enhancing the quality and giving suggestions of use and the winner will be declared on the basis of the taste and of the aesthetics!

The activity includes:

  • indigenous snacks
  • personalized cocktails pestle
  • participant certification

Recommended as an aperitif as all teams will have to taste the various cocktails proposed!